yoga wheel benefits

9 Amazing Yoga Wheel Benefits

For some individuals, yoga is more than simply a form of exercise. It helps them relax and realign their thoughts and bodies.

It might be difficult to determine what yoga equipment to buy since the yoga world is always shifting and expanding and because there is a growing variety of options.

One of the most effective yoga pieces of equipment is the yoga wheel. You are at the correct place if you want to learn more about the yoga wheel benefits. Let’s get started!

What is a yoga wheel?

yoga wheel benefits
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Yoga mats, blocks, props, and straps are all common in every yoga class, and you may already be aware of them. The yoga wheel, on the other hand, may be unfamiliar to you. This cylinder, which may either be thin or broad, made of wood or plastic, and have a diameter of around 16 inches, is relatively new to the world of yoga.

It wasn’t until 2014 that the yoga wheel was created, and that first yoga wheel was the Dharma Yoga Wheel. Sri Dharma Mittra and his son invented it. Several modifications have been made to the original design since its creation, but it continues to serve the same purpose.

What is a yoga wheel used for?

One reason yoga wheels are so common is that they are used to many different uses. With the use of a yoga wheel, you may improve your range of motion and flexibility, which will benefit all of your other exercise efforts.

Yoga wheels may be used in many ways, and each one is entertaining and beneficial. Using yoga wheels may help you go from balance to strength training.

9 Benefits of Yoga Wheel

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Using a yoga wheel has various advantages in addition to being a useful tool for yoga. It allows new yogis to get a handle on even the most challenging yoga postures, paving the way to a lifetime of practice and ultimate mastery.

Let’s discuss the 9 Amazing benefits of the yoga wheel in detail.

Great for Inversions

The Yoga Wheel shines in its capacity to assist practitioners in becoming more proficient in inversions. Additionally, it gives students the self-assurance to perform those difficult backbends, knowing they have the safety and aid of the prop to rely on.

Because of the frequency of concerns over back injuries among seasoned yoga practitioners, the Yoga Wheel should be considered an absolute need for anybody with anxiety while doing inversions.

Relieves Back Pain

Yoga wheels are purchased for many reasons. However, one of the most common ones is so they may relieve discomfort in their upper and lower backs. This is accomplished by massaging your back with a rolling motion that goes up and down, moving down the length of your spine in a way that is not only profoundly therapeutic but also safe and effective. In addition, it will almost certainly work out some knots in your body and may even give your back a nice crack.

Prevents injury

There is less risk of injury while using a yoga wheel. It’s a prop that will help you achieve advanced yoga positions that would otherwise be out of reach. Overstretching is avoided since the yoga wheel conforms to the shape of your body.

You can throw off your balance or twist a muscle if you’re trying to perfect a yoga position. For example, you may safely achieve a deeper spinal stretch with the assistance of a yoga wheel.

The yoga wheel helps with endurance

Depending on your current level of practice, the Yoga Wheel may be able to assist you in maintaining those backbends for a longer period. However, it is essential to maintain the stance for an adequate amount of time to allow the benefits of the posture to take effect. 

While holding the postures, the Yoga Wheel supports your muscles, helping you maintain your stamina so that you may gradually develop your endurance.

Tone Your Body

We may do many exciting and engaging activities to tone every muscle in our body using the yoga wheel. For example, you could decide to focus on a certain area of the body, such as the abs, the glutes, or the legs. 

You might alternatively concentrate on the top section of the body or the bottom part of the total. There is a diverse selection of choices available.

Enhances Balance

The yoga wheel is great for improving balance and relieving chronic low-back pain. Ground yoga positions have their unique challenges. Plank, squat, crane, mountain, and even toe stand may all benefit from using the yoga wheel the next time you do them.

Applying pressure to certain locations on your feet and hands during yoga poses is a great way to strengthen those areas and improve your technique. It helps since it gives your body the necessary stability while trying new yoga balance positions.

Builds core strength

Strengthen your core with a yoga wheel. Strengthening your abdominal muscles and spinal column can improve your stability, balance, and stamina. Consequently, you can manage your body and perform properly in even the most strenuous physical activity. As a result, many athletes place a premium on doing core-strengthening drills regularly.

It is Versatile

As was previously explained, the Yoga Wheel is not just utilized for active positions such as backbends and inversions. It also has other applications. In addition to that, you may use it for meditation and other therapeutic exercises.

Imagine that you have a habit of nodding off during your meditation sessions. If this is the case, you may utilize the yoga wheel against the wall or a partner to maintain an erect spine and make your whole body more responsive to the flow of energy.

Improves Flexibility

The yoga wheel’s widespread recognition stems partly from its flexibility to naturally increase one’s range of motion by lengthening and widening the back, hips, chest, and shoulders muscles. The wheel’s flexibility will allow you to extend and hold for longer. It may even give you the courage to stretch just a little farther than you normally would.

How to find the best yoga wheel as a beginner?

Beginners may find it helpful to begin with a smaller wheel since smaller wheels tend to be softer in terms of the depth into which they may take you into a posture. Also, beginning with a tiny wheel pose might benefit beginner yoga students with significant tightness in their shoulders, chest, front body, abdominals, and even their quads.

As with full-size yoga wheels, mini wheels have the same general impact. However, they may ease you into the position in a softer fashion. Both sizes of wheels have the same effect. 

Large yoga wheels not only provide support where required but can also carry you further into specific poses than their little counterparts. 

Our articles on ”9 best yoga wheels” will help you decide which yoga wheels will be best for you.


There are endless ways to include the Yoga Wheel into your practice and several additional advantages. Always remember that yoga is about moving beyond your comfort zone, challenging yourself, and discovering new and different ways to be your best.

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What is the yoga wheel good for?

Yoga wheels are round and hollow on the inside so that they can help you stretch, relieve stress, and get more flexible.

Do yoga wheels actually work?

Anyone experiencing back discomfort might benefit from using a yoga wheel to relieve stress and tension. In addition, the hip flexors, abdominals, and shoulders benefit from this gentle stretching. The use of yoga wheels is the best choice to enhance flexibility.

What size yoga wheel should I buy?

The average-sized adult may benefit most from the 13-inch yoga wheel’s ability to support deeper stretches and backbends, and it’s suitable for use with students of all experience levels. Likewise, the 10.5-inch wheel is ideal for a medium-pressure back and hip massage and stretching.

Is it worth buying a yoga wheel?

If you’re a novice struggling with some of the more complex yoga postures, the yoga wheel is a great tool at your disposal. However, the yoga wheel also has great potential for more experienced yogis since it allows them to take their practice to the next level by adding a new dimension to already difficult positions.

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