why is alo yoga so expensive

Why is Alo Yoga So Expensive?

Maggie Craddock started the activewear brand Alo Yoga in 2009. It has become an industry standard and is now very expensive. The company is popular among celebrities and health enthusiasts. But, unfortunately, their clothes are expensive, with many styles priced upwards of $200. In this article, we will discuss why is Alo Yoga so expensive.

What is Alo Yoga?

Alo Yoga

A clothing company that believes mindful activity leads to better living, Alo Yoga offers a variety of clothing for meditation on the mat and mindful living on the go. The company offers everything from traditional yoga clothes to comfortable streetwear. 

Alo Yoga has a wide range of yoga clothing, including tops, bottoms, mats, sweaters, shoes, and even dresses for beginners and experienced yoga practitioners. 

Why is Alo Yoga So Expensive?

Two main reasons that make Alo Yoga expensive are:

Product materials

Alo’s clothing is not always made of high-quality fabrics, which can pucker and make you look unflattering. This makes Alo’s clothing more affordable for women just starting with yoga. For many people, Alo’s clothing could be a better investment for everyday use because it may fall apart at the seams and pucker. Therefore, their prices are quite reasonable for women just starting their yoga journey.

It’s not just the price issue with Alo Yoga’s clothing. The brand uses mass production to make its clothing cheaper and more profitable, meaning it can make more money. Therefore, they will last up to a year. The materials used for the clothing may be of lower quality than those used by other brands, but the company’s clothes are remarkably durable.


Its marketing is also targeted toward women with disposable income who are prepared to spend money. This may seem insignificant at first glance, but when you consider it, it is significant. Many big companies also want to attract customers who want to buy high-quality items that fit their style. But they raise prices or charge more than others to attract this customer. 

For example, Nike used to be considered a good brand, but now it sells cheap clothes that could be better. However, you won’t see Nike ads targeting rich people because Nike is still a very large company. They target all people. Alo’s aim isn’t to make women look good for others; rather than attempting to make others look good, it is aimed at women who have money to spend and want clothes that fit their style.

Some other reasons that make Alo Yoga expensive

They are eco-friendly

Even though they are made from bamboo, Tencel, and recycled polyester, none of these materials is sustainable or good for the environment, but they sound good initially. Because of the number of chemicals that go into producing these fabrics, they won’t degrade over time in the same way that natural fibers would.

It is necessary to dilute the dye with water to make it eco-friendly. For example, when you sweat on a low-density fabric like cotton spandex, the fabric gets wet and absorbs the water during yoga, or when you wash the garment, all of the fabric sags. Also, if you don’t hug your curves, everything will hang off you and make you look wrinkled and shapeless.

There are some benefits to cotton spandex

The cotton and spandex of Alo Yoga clothes stretch nicely and do not sag after wearing or washing, which is the only reason people buy them over other brands. They make up for everything else they do wrong with the cotton, but remember that this doesn’t compensate for the spandex’s lack of shape.

It takes 6-8 years for their clothes to fall apart 

The most important fact to remember before purchasing anything from Alo Yoga is that their clothing is cheaply made, which leads to it falling apart at the seams. Companies like Alo Yoga use mass production, which makes them more cost-effective and faster. Still, you’ll end up with cheap materials that will last up to six months and may have been made in a country with no environmental controls.

Vegan Products

There is something wonderful about this, and it should be promoted as it has a positive impact on the environment and the lives of animals. You can start by purchasing any piece from Alo Yoga. In the process of making the product, many animal products were used. This is probably why the company brags about being vegan, so they don’t have to feel bad.


Alo Yoga is a well-known brand with cute and trendy clothes that are great for athleisure and streetwear. The clothes are expensive because of the variety of colorways and versatile pairing options. On the other hand, small functional details make them work better, and the clothes’ unique fabrics make them more comfortable without sacrificing style.

We hope this article helped you answer the question, “Why is yoga so expensive?” It is now up to you to decide whether or not to buy it.

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