does yoga really help reduce weight?

Does Yoga Really Help Reduce Weight? | Types, Benefits, and More

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise. It has been evolving for thousands of years, from traditional to contemporary. Many people do yoga because of their different concerns but they want to know does yoga really help reduce weight?

The answer is YES! It helps reducing weight as it promotes fat burning and raised metabolism. Read further to know how yoga helps with weight reduction and other benefits you get with it.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice originating from ancient India. It is used to connect the body with the mind. It promotes health, improves flexibility and balance, reduces stress levels, and slows down the aging process. 

Yoga is performed through the medium of physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation or relaxation. One of the most commonly claimed benefits of yoga is that it helps lose weight.

Does Yoga Really Help Reduce Weight? 

Yoga has three main benefits that makes it one of the best ways to lose weight. The first is that yoga raises the heart rate and metabolism, promoting fat burning. 

The second is that you become more flexible, making your workout more effective and helping you maintain the proper posture. Which can lead to better breathing patterns, which will lead to a healthier digestive system, better sleep, and improved moods, all of which are factors in weight loss.

And finally, yoga activates a thermogenesis process, meaning you will burn calories even after doing it!

How yoga helps with weight loss?

Yoga is an ancient practice that helps with weight loss. It does this by improving your posture and reducing stress. This reduces the risk of overeating or eating unhealthy foods.

Yoga increases flexibility, which can help you to exercise more efficiently. Yoga also increases your core strength and improves muscle tone, which can help you to burn more calories when you’re exercising.

Some people find it challenging to maintain a healthy diet while practicing yoga. For these people, yoga will not be as effective in helping them lose weight. 

Yoga can be a helpful weight loss tool for people who are disciplined with their diet, healthier overall, and have a healthy body mass index (BMI). 

What are the other benefits of yoga which can help to lose weight?

There are several factors involved which acts altogether for weight reduction. Here are those:

1. Yoga can help with mindful eating

You can strengthen more than just your muscles on your yoga mat, Dr. Sat Bir Singh Khalsa of Harvard Medical School and Yoga Alliance in Boston says. 

According to Dr. Khalsa, holding a particular posture for an extended period of time is beneficial because it allows you to experience how your body feels.

During a yoga class, students will often be instructed to listen to their breath or feel how their body reacts to the postures as it’s a way of learning and practicing mindfulness. Practicing mindfulness on your yoga mat can help when it comes to practicing mindful eating habits, too.

Mindful eating means learning to pay attention to your body. It involves recognizing hunger cues and not overdoing them with the food you don’t need to eat. Over time, you can understand which foods make you feel good and learn how to manage emotional eating.

And all of these behaviors can help you stick with a diet or weight loss eating plan or make healthier food choices overall.

A review published in July 2015 in the “International Journal of Yoga” that yoga has been linked to changes in eating behavior, precisely cutting back on dietary fat and adding more fresh vegetables, whole grains, and soy-based products.

2. Yoga can help with managing stress

According to The American Psychological Association, chronic stress can lead to increased blood pressure, a weakened immune system, and depression, which can contribute to weight gain.

According to Dr. Sundar Balasubramanian, Breathwork and meditation are the cornerstones of yoga practice. And both contribute to boosting energy, improving mood, and lowering stress levels. 

Stress makes it harder than usual to drop those extra pounds. Chronic stress is linked to higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol, which helps break down fat and protein and increases appetite, and causes weight gain. In addition, a stressful situation can cause people to turn to food for comfort and prevent them from getting quality sleep.

Dr. Balasubramanian explains that deep breathing helps reduce stress and reverse some of these adverse effects that make weight loss more difficult or contribute to weight gain.

3. Yoga can help with building muscle

Regularly practicing yoga can help you build muscle mass, which will, in turn, increase your metabolism and encourage weight loss.

In June 2016, the journal Preventive Medicine looked at 30 trials. More than 2,000 participants concluded that yoga could reduce the waist-hip ratio in healthy adults by decreasing fat, improving cholesterol levels, and increasing muscle tone.

The study also revealed that participants who practiced yoga regularly saw slight improvements in their body mass index or BMI. (BMI is a ratio of height to weight used to determine whether someone might be underweight, average weight, overweight or obese.)

How often should you do yoga to lose weight?

The number of times you should do yoga to lose weight will vary depending on your overall fitness level, age, and how much weight you want to lose. However, a good rule of thumb is to do at least 30 minutes of yoga every day to help reduce body fat and improve overall health.

If you’re a beginner, do not push yourself too hard. Make sure to start slowly; practice for 20 minutes a day. And build up from there. This will help you build strength and flexibility and prevent the chances of injury that could hinder your progress. Give yourself at least one full day of rest each week — even if you don’t want to!

How much weight can you lose by doing yoga?

A yoga session can burn between 180 and 460 calories depending on several factors, including:

  • Type of your yoga
  • The intensity and length of the class
  • Whether you are male or female

Hatha (basic) yoga is one of the most popular practices in North America, with more than 20 million practitioners practicing at least once a week. If a 160-pound person were to practice Hatha (basic) yoga for an hour, they would burn approximately 183 calories, According to Mayo Clinic.

Another popular yoga is Bikram Yoga (hot yoga) which emphasizes strength and flexibility through 26 different postures and two breathing exercises. Each 90-minute class is held in rooms heated to 105°F at 40% humidity.

A 2014 Colorado State University study found that, on average, men burn 460 calories and women burn 330 calories when going to Bikram yoga.

According to a study published in “The Journal of American Medical Association” in 2006, people who do yoga two or more times per week burn more than 100 extra calories per session. This can lead to weight loss over time. Additionally, yoga has been linked with reduced stress levels and improved moods, which can help keep weight off.

What is the Best Type of Yoga for Weight Loss?

The type of yoga you do will depend on your goals. If you are looking to lose weight, you should choose a more focused style on building strength and flexibility. This way, you can tone your muscles and increase the body’s ability to burn fat.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best type of yoga for weight loss will vary depending on your personal fitness goals. However, many types of yoga are known to be effective in helping to reduce weight and improve overall fitness. 

Some of the most popular types of yoga that have been shown to help with weight loss include Hatha, Vinyasa, and Bikram Yoga. These styles typically emphasize slow and controlled movements designed to increase flexibility and range of motion. 

Additionally, these types of yoga often feature modified versions of traditional poses that provide additional calorie burn and improved posture. Overall, research suggests that practicing yoga can help you lose weight and improve your overall fitness level.

What is Bikram yoga, and how can it help with weight loss? 

Bikram yoga is a type of yoga practiced in a heated room. The heat helps increase the flow of blood and lymph, which can help improve circulation and promote weight loss. Additionally, the intense focus on breath and movement can help reduce stress levels, which can also lead to weight loss.

does yoga really help reduce weight
Bikram Yoga

What is vinyasa yoga, and how can it help with weight loss? 

Vinyasa yoga is a type of yoga that is high-intensity and dynamic. It is said to help with weight loss because it helps increase the regularity of movement throughout the body. This can help burn more calories and help to reduce fat storage. Additionally, vinyasa yoga can improve circulation, which can help reduce cellulite and other areas of skin fat storage.

Vinyasa Yoga

What is hatha yoga, and how can it help with weight loss?

The most popular and well-known form is hatha yoga. This type of yoga focuses on stretching and strengthening the body’s various muscles and joints. According to many experts, hatha yoga can help reduce weight by allowing you to burn more calories. In addition, hatha yoga can also help improve your flexibility, strength, and balance.

Hatha Yoga Class


One of the most common questions asked about yoga is, “Will yoga help in weight loss?” Many experts agree that yoga can help you lose weight, and it’s also a great way to improve flexibility, reduce stress and anxiety, and find new energy for your daily life. There are many different types of yoga, so find one that fits your needs and goals.


Is Yoga better than gym?

If you want to build strength, correct posture and practice balance then yoga is the right choice for you. But, If you want to build muscles then you should consider gym.

Can you change your body shape with yoga?

Yoga may be helpful in weight reduction leading to toned muscles and perfect looking body.

Why am I not losing weight with yoga?

If you are not losing weight with yoga then you should reduce your sugar intake, drink enough water and get a proper sleep.

Which yoga is best for Losing belly fat?

Several yoga types can help you reduce belly fat including Tadasana (Mountain Pose), Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation), Padahastasana (Standing Forward Bend), Paschimottanasana (Seated Forward Bend) and Pavanamuktasana (Wind Relieving Pose)

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